Combined knitting?

Hi fellow knitters!

I am fairly new at knitting and have gotten so much help from reading posts here & especially the videos!

I have been knitting for several weeks now, and now that I see the videos I see that I didn’t follow the book properly and have been placing my needle as described in combined knitting.

The stitches are even and fabulous (I am amazed!) and it seems easier than the “regular” kind- my questions are…

How much pattern adjustment/deviation will I have to do if I continue to knit this way? (edited to add I understand the video, that I will have to do increasing and decreasing a little differently as well as wrap the yarn backwards when knitting in the round. Anything else?) Should I retrain myself the “right” way and keep practicing until I get it down?

All advice appreciated!
Renée :knitting:

Hi, Renee
If you are comfortable with knitting in the Combination method than I would say to stick to it; you will just end up doing a few more steps than someone who knits in Continental or English method. If you would like you could learn to knit in the other forms so that muscles in your hand(s) do not tire as much from the consistent use in that manner. Also, have you taken a look at Annie Modesitt’s web site for Combination knitting. Just go to
Welcome to the adventure.

Not much…

I am a long time combo knitter –

when working anything with purls, (flat or in the round) you have to adjust. (most often, when working in the round, there are fewer purls… if working in stocking knit, (KNITS) only, you find your stitches will be mounted (sitting on the needles conventionally) and you can follow directions as they are written.

but when working flat (stocking knit especially) you’ll have to THINK about the decreases.

here’s a memory trick–a number 2 has a /in it…
and a k[B]2[/B]tog results in a decrease that leans to right [B]/[/B] just like the number 2

and a [B]S[/B]SK or [B]S[/B]1, k1, psso --has an [B]S[/B] and inside the [B]S[/B] is a [B]\ [/B]left leaning slant.

so… if you the pattern calls for a K2tog the pattern is calling for a / Right leaning decrease

and if the pattern calls for a SSK or S1,K1, psso, the pattern is calling for a \ left leaning decrease.

as a combo knitter, you’ll need to reverse the decreases… but you’ll be able to understand (and create) the correct decrease by looking at your work, and remembering which kind of slant is desired–
2=/ …S=…

Thanks so much for your help! Sorry I am so late in telling you, my computer fried and is just now back up.


O my gosh! of troy, that is brilliant. I’m not a combo knitter, but I loved that explanation. Nicely done. Thank you.