Combination of intersia and fair isle?

I recently got ahold of a copy of “Knit Kimono”, and the one I’m interested in says that the motifs were to be done in a mix of intarsia and fair isle. I’m… not entirely sure how that is supposed to be done :zombie: Anyone can help me out?

The patttern and the instruction note are in the attachments.

The portion of the pattern in your post looks like fair isle knitting but there may be other parts that are more of a solid block of color. There may also be areas of pattern interspersed between solid areas of a single color. If this is knit back and forth, then you wouldn’t need to carry a contrasting color which isn’t used but could just drop it when you came to mainly background areas.

Is there a name for the particular pattern you’re working?

Oh, it was from the “Knit Kimono” book, as I mentioned.
Here, attached is the sample picture of the final product.

There hardly looks to be a sizable block of a single color. I would use fair isle and strand the yarn not in use.