Combed vs Carded

What’s the difference between combed and carded fiber?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

This is some icelandic that I prepared both combed and carded:

Lashed on to the double row Viking combs:

And pulled into a slyver

The same roving carded on hand carders:

Carded into a rolag on the left, Carded and pulled into roving on right:

And spun. The slyver spun worsted on the left and rolag spun woolen on the right:

So does combed spin into heavier weight yarn in the end? Is one better for spindles? I LOVE alpaca wool, is one better for that? Or is it just personal preference?

Thanks for you help!

in my few months of experience i wouldn’t say that combed spins into heavier weight…
it really depends on how much fiber you draft to get the thickness you want.

i think that goes for all fiber preparations.

here is a link from spin off magazine that helped me a bunch to understand the types of prep.

i haven’t used much alpaca at all but i hear good things!
i think it does well in all it’s preps on spindle and wheel

spinning is surely full of personal prefs! spin what you love!

Thank you so much for the link… I thought worsted was just a weight… I’ve just started and now I understand better…

So how in the world do you pull it through the slyver?