Columns Scarf: "sl2 wyib" is that Knit- or Purl-wise?

[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][COLOR="#300090"]I’ve started the [B][U][COLOR=“Blue”]Columns Scarf on[/COLOR][/U][/B] and I am troubled by the instructions to slip 2 with yarn in back (or in front when working WS).

The row is "With CB, k1, * sl2 wyib, k3, rep from *, end sl 2, k1.

Is the “sl 2 wyib” purl wise slip or knitwise? :?? The purlwise slip two causes the yarn to form a horizontal float on the WS and that is not apparent in the pictures. :nails: I have found video of a knitwise slip two but it was followed with a k2tog, so I am not sure what type of slip is needed nor how to do it correctly.

I was also struggling with the cable cast on, I think I abandoned the attempt and substituted the long tail CO.

Anyone have some words of wisdom on this? TIA


Is the “sl 2 wyib” purl wise slip or knitwise?

PW when you’re just moving them. KW when you need them twisted for part of dec (such as SSK).

Slip purlwise, the yarn float is part of the pattern. Always slip purlwise unless the pattern says differently or if it’s part of a decrease, which this is not.

[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][COLOR="#300090"]Cam and Sue, Thank you.

:doh: I had the feeling it was a simple thing, but I just couldn’t find a helpful post using the forum search function. Everything I found was combining a sl (or 2) with a dec. or something more complex.

Well, I’m too tired tonight to TINK back the row. I must get a yarn needle so I can use a lifeline. At least I only have to do one row since I FROGGED the whole thing to start with a Cabled CO.

The good news is that I have conquered the Cable CO! :wink:

–Jack :guyknitting: [/COLOR][/FONT]