Columbus, OH Knitter?

Any one from around Columbus? I’m new here and a new knitter. I would love to meet with other knitters for ideas and help.

Hi Sarah , I live close to Columbus. I just started knitting again. I’m really enjoying it. Although I’m not sure I would be of much help to you. I’m new here too. I’m making a scarf with a slit. Theres a piece of yarn in the slit that didn’t get knitted in and I’m not sure what I did wrong.

I solved my problem and have just finished my scarf. Now I’m trying to think of somthing else I can knit. My son wants me to make him a scarf. But first he wants me to make him a quilt. I’ve never made a quilt. But I have made a couple of scarves.

Sarah, we have a couple different knitting groups that meet around town in Columbus, depending on where you are. I’m at work, so I can’t access the group info, but we have a really great group that meets in a few different places (east side, downtown, north side etc). We have a blast! There are also a couple of great Stitch N’ Bitch groups that meet around town. If you are interested, when I get home I’ll send you links!

In addition, Heavenly Creations (on 5th Ave) has Knitter’s Night Out on the second Friday of the month and Knitter’s Day In on the second Saturday of each month. I have a lot of fun there! Knitter’s Mercantile (on High Street near Worthington), another beautiful LYS, has Sit n’ Knit nights the last Monday of each month I think? I can’t usually make those, but I’ve heard they are fun and crowded :slight_smile: I love the shop and manage to shop there and sit at their big back table for a while every time I’m there, so you almost always find knitters willing to answer a question!

We have an outing planned to the Yarn Market warehouse this coming Saturday ([I]they are giving us the full tour[/I]!) if y’all want to join in, it’s on the group calendar!

I live in the Cols/Galloway area.
i started knitting a while ago and haven’t done it in a shamefull long time. Not sure what I remmber still.
i bought some yarn and am gonna start with squares for dish cloths.

Brandilyne, Thank you for all the knitting groups! I just read your post today, I haven’t been on for awhile. I live on the west side but work in Upper Arlington. I would love to try and meet with a group some time. I can’t promise anything, my husband is a grad student at OSU which makes me, essentially a single mom. I hadn’t heard of before but I will check that out. Thanks again!

Bluemoon, Good luck picking up the needles again. I bet it will all come back very quickly. This sight will help you with EVERYTHING that you might need. Have fun!

Ambra, Congrats on finishing your scarf. Maybe that slit can be used to make your scarf unique. I have had several projects with gapping holes. Where did they come from? I blame the bad knitting fairies.
I have always wanted to make a quilt. Have you decided what to do, scarf or quilt?
My son asked me to knit him a pirate sweater. Super hard project, way more skill than I have, but can I deny my son? NO! I went to the yarn store, after needles and yarn $60! I would never buy my (3yo) son a $60 sweater. Oh well. He will love it forever, right?
I hope your next project comes off without any mysterious holes.