Colourmart yarn

I saw the reference to Colourmart yarn in another thread and wondered how those who have purchased yarn from them liked it. I went to the website and read through and it seems they recommend washing the yarn before knitting and that there is considerable shrinkage. What did you order and how did you handle it once it arrived. It sounds like a great site for high end fiber. Just would like a little more clarity before considering an order. Thanks for any info you can give.:slight_smile:

I have seen posts from people who have purchased from colourmart and wonder how it is to work with. Did you wash first as suggested or wash after.

I bought some, am waiting for it to arrive.
I didn’t see the recommendation to wash before using.!!!:roll:

How do you wash yarn before usingit,without tangling it all up?
I’d really like to know!!

According to the website at least the cashmere is oiled and washing in hot water with detergent is recommended to clean and loft the yarn before using. They talk about shrinkage of the yardage and I’m wondering how the yarn feels after that treatment.

I get lots of silk from colourmart, but am allergic to wool, so don’t know how that feels :frowning:

I tend to dye it, so wash it first, but even coming off the cone it feels great. They’re incredibly helpful, very fast and the silk has never failed to impress me, particularly at the price!

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Do you wash it by simply placing a skein in warm, soapy water, then after it blooms, just rinse it?

i don’t know anything about this colourmart yarn but there was a thread about a week ago that people were talking about washing acrylic yarn before knitting it to make it softer and someone suggested putting the yarn in pantyhose or a lingerie bag so it doesn’t get all tangled…or at least if it does it will stay in the pantyhose/bag.

According to what I read on the website with the cashmere you put detergent in hot water and submerge yarn, swish it around and drain. Replace with clear hot water and rinse until water stays clear.

If it comes on a cone, I’d make it into large hanks first. Tie it at intervals and then wash.

i’ve got my first cone of the silk waiting to be knit up into a christmas present. so obviously i can’t offer too much experience, but it’s gorgeous to look at! it feels really nice, too.

willowangel, my grandmother is also allergic to wool, so i kinda sorta feel your pain. it’s not so easy finding nice yarn that isn’t wool to knit things out of. :hug:

I wash it by putting it into hanks first, then putting in one of those net bags for lingerie and put in the machine. Or I just put it in the bathroom sink with some gentle detergent and rinse a few times, if I’m in a hurry.

The hanks thing is kinda necessary though - I learnt the hard way by chucking a few balls in and spending two weeks untangling the wreckage :wink:

The allergy to wool is a bugger - particularly for winter coats - there are none that I can get that don’t look like anoraks without wool in them - even the reaaaaaly cheap shops have some wool content in their coats cry

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