Colour dominance in stranded knitting

I was wondering what happens with colour dominance when you have more than two colours per row.

If you have three colours, do you get a three-step hierarchy?

I’m going to swatch and see, but was curious whether anyone already knows! I have to try out a couple of methods of handling the third colour – knitting all three at once, or doing two colours and slipping stitches then making a second pass for the third colour.

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It’s worth considering that the ideal is not to have color dominance but to have even tension throughout. I’ve seen several videos where color dominance is discussed but Arne and Carlos have one that speaks for Scandinavian knitters who don’t recognize it.


Very interesting video.

I have not done much colour work but just some swatches trying things out and I had 1 colour in my left and 1 on my right. I switched depending how much I needed that colour on the current row and didn’t keep them in one place.
I tried out working 4 colours with 2 each side which was great fun but I was convinced I must be breaking some sacred knitting rule about how I held them and switched them about whenever I felt like it.

This video though, I had to go and search for how they do colour work and how amazed I was to see colours being dropped and moved without any rule at all about keeping them in a set place!
Now I feel great!

I’ll have to look put a video for more than 2 colours.
How interesting.

Good luck with the 3 colour swatches kushami. I hope you have fun.

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