Colors for Baby Clothes

My brother in law and his wife have just announced that they are expecting their first baby! :cheering:

Now, on to the important part…what to knit for the baby? :wink:

My other sister in law (married to hubby’s OTHER brother) also knits, but knits basically scarves…so I am thinking she will want to make a baby blanket. Since she is entirely competitive, I don’t want to make a blanket (because she will always compare the two, since she lives in the same state, she will know which blanket is used more often and will always bring it up).

I am thinking baby sweater(s) and MAYBE booties. But in what colors? They aren’t planning on finding out the sex…so it needs to be good for boy or girl. I HATE the usual pastel baby colored yarn…pastel greens and yellows and purples don’t work. I don’t think the parents would be fond either. The daddy wears a lot of browns, oranges and greens. Mommy wears a lot of purple, black and red.

What colors? I wanted to make a black sweater, but hubby thinks that is too punk. :shrug:


a really soft grey would be pretty. the color that t-shirts are.
or an orange.

jade green
lemon yellow
chocolate (milk to dark!) brown

any solid color, (just leave a place for a pink or blue(ish in both cases) ribbon or color code the buttons.

Grey seems like it would be a good gender-neutral color. White or cream would work too, but you’d definitely want to make sure it was washable.

Blue, green, teal, peachy orange, red? Those seem pretty neutral to me as well. :shrug:

foerst green

I love babies in a nice, deep red. It’s gender neutral, and not a ‘typical’ baby color.

I think a minty or lime green is nice for either a boy or girl. My SIL decorated my niece’s room in green and I made her a green baby blanket. Its kinda a neutral color that you could pair with other colors later (like blue or pink) to make it more for a boy or a girl.

I made a baby sweater out of Henry’s Attic Inca Cotton last year for friends who weren’t finding out their baby’s gender – the colors are really cool, IMHO – they are grown in color rather than dyed. I’m not a fan of cotton AT ALL, and this was really nice to work with. :thumbsup:

Colors: Inca Cotton

My sweater: Camilla’s Cardigan

I love orange - it’s so fun.

Or, for a little more sedate/traditional, cream or white are also great.

I hadn’t thought of tan at all. :doh: That would be a great choice…and I could simply weave in a pink ribbon on the bottom if it’s a girl. I also really like the suggestions of gray and deep red (a color I am currently using to make my 3 year old daughter a sweater). Those would be so easy to make! And, honestly, I can embroider, so if I need to, I can embellish the sweater later.

Actually, now I want to make several sets in just about all of the colors mentioned.

I will have to buy all cotton, as they live in Houston, TX and won’t want terribly heavy clothes (the nice thing is, the baby is due in October…so by 3 months, s/he will need some little sweaters and hats!).

I need to get cracking…just 8 months to go!


Sorry ladies, I am going old school on this, mint, white, banana, soft colors all the way. It is your personal choice, but this old broad still likes the pastels for new baby stuff.

ugh i get so tired of looking at the available baby yarns. I find them so uninspiring. I like bright vivid colors though, so that may be the problem. I would be perfectly content with knitting everything in varying shades of hot pink, lime green, and orange though so don’t go by me! :teehee:

Do you know what color they are doing the baby’s room in? That might be a clue as to what colors they like for baby.

If not I think I’d go for a nice neutral tan and the brighten it up with some pretty buttons once you know the sex.

There are some super cute ones here!
M&J Trimming - buttons

I like things that aren’t the typical pastels, either. There’s nothing wrong with them per se, but I know for myself, after a few weeks of having a new baby–when you really get to start to see a little personality developing–the multi-colored, pastely stuff doesn’t always seem to fit after a while.

I think bold primary colors would be cute. My favorite color is blue, and I’ll tell you, I’ve knitted blue for people when they didn’t know the gender–I don’t think blue is “gender specific” (I’m a girl and I love blue!). Tan and grey are great ideas that was mentioned–I would’ve never thought of them, and they’re such a great thought! Maybe some more deeper but muted colors would be nice, too (so the colors are deep and not pastely, but a bit softer). As a mom, I personally prefer something that’s a little deeper color. If it’s a blanket, the baby can typically use it for a while (my toddler is using a couple of blankets that were crocheted for her that still fit her size) unless it’s made for a newborn, and it’s nice to be able to have something that’s not so babyish for when they tend to outgrow it. I think it’s in this book that shows a very beautiful, deep eggplant-colored baby blanket with a satin-trimmed border that’s sewed on. Not something you typically think of for standard baby fare, and I think that’s why it caught my eye. A very elegant piece indeed. If you like, I can post this picture.

I am also not a fan of pastels for babies. My daughter wears mostly deep colors… orange, purple, olive, brown, dark pinks, tans and yes she even has some black.