Colorado knitting yarn

Hi everyone
Does anyone have any ideas please as to what I might be able to use this yarn for.

It is described as 100% cotton and for use with needles 3-4 mm. It is a very thin multi coloured yarn I bought recently from Lidl’s.

Any ideas?
Thanks for any help.
p.s not dishcloths please :wink:

Can’t help you without more information. What is the name of the yarn? I have no idea what it looks like or the gauge.

I moved this post because it’s not a knitting pattern question. It belongs in the general forum.

The yarn looks like it is called Colorado and is made by Lidl. I looked it up on Ravelry and there have been about 75 projects made in it. I looked through them a bit and found some coasters and washcloths all right, but lots of other things. Lots of bags of different sorts, children’s long sleeved sweaters, summer tops of different kinds for adults or children , a shawl, slippers, toddler shorts, bolero, a sun hat, and even a baby blanket.

Oh okay. :doh:

From the way it was described I was thinking it might be lace yarn. I did see it on some site I was reading last week and had completely forgotten about it. It was for a shawl.