Color blocks

I’m a relatively new knitter (though I can kick it on garter and stockinette!), and I’m trying to work my way through a color block baby blanket that I saw somewhere. My question is about changing the colors back and forth - I plan to do fifteen stiches in a color, then fifteen of the other color…you know, color blocks. I just can’t figure out how to make the change without tying off every time…HELP! Please - my friend is five months and I desperately want to finish this by the time the baby’s here (sheepish grin) Thanks!

okay i am GUESSING what you are trying to do is do your 15 stitches, 15 more, 15 more, etc changing color each time and then pick them back up as you go along when you come back right?

if so, go here and scroll down to the Intarsia video. it really is pretty easy especially for color blocks with no funky shapes or anything but it does give a distinct front and back just so’s ya know!

Are you meaning 15 stitches in multiple colours in the same row??? If so, you are referring to intarsia knitting. A video can be found here under the ‘How to knit with 2 colors at a time’ heading. In intarsia, you have a seperate length of yarn for each block of colour in your knitting, and rather than tying off each time, the strands are twisted together at the colour changes.

Thank you! That’s exactly what I was looking for. It so funny - once I see how to do these things, they’re all so much simpler than I was trying to make them (you should have seen me when I was trying to learn to purl!) Thanks again!