Coat cape

I am working on a coat cape pattern (originally published in Fashion in Quick knits & Quick crochets) from the website: ‘purple kitty’ free vintage knitting).

I knitted all the parts, and that went well but now I need to sew the parts together. I read the instructions but thy don’t really fit together. I don’t think I did something rond during the knitting, I checked it over and over again.

Did someone made this coat cape by chance an succeeded to sew it together?

Thank you,
Elena Vanden Abeele

This is the link to the website:

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The construction is a little unusual. What in particular is causing the problem in putting the pieces together? Have you seamed the sleeves to the front and the back, yet? The tops of the sleeves are going to form part of the neck opening so leave about 12sts unseamed at the top of each sleeve.

Yes, I already did that and left the 12sts free. But I can’t see how the neck facing should be attached. There are also two ‘ears’ at both sides of the neck edge of the back. I don’t now what I should do with them.

Did you made the coat cape to?

I’ll have to see if I can convert the measurements and rows to inches to get an idea of the lengths of the facings. It seems to me that you might try pinning the front facings into position along the front edges. See where the bind off of 8sts falls. Is it about at the neck or does it extend farther?
I haven’t made this pattern but I’ve made a similar swing coat and it too was a bit of a puzzle to put together. It finally worked so there’s hope.

The front facings are 26,5 inches. The bind off reaches almost to the upper edge of the fronts. Is there a possibility I could send you pictures of all the parts?

Sure, pictures would be good. I’ve tried drawing the facing and cape so I can get an idea of shape. I need to estimate size too.
On the ears at the top of the back. Those shouldn’t stick up once the sleeves are seamed. The back sleeves should be flush with each other. Then the back of the neck will drop a bit. Does that make sense with the lengths of the armholes and sleeve caps?

See also this project from Ravelry which shows some of the pieces and perhaps gives a hint of how they go together.