CO with double thread?

I was going to post the link to the pattern here, but this site won’t allow me to unless I have 1 or more posts. I’ll post it in the following post.

My question is the CO method. She says to CO double stranded and then to switch to single stranded. Is it safe to assume that I can just double up a section of the CC and MC? Otherwise I’d be dragging along four rolls of yarn and cutting off the second rolls, and it seems to me that’s a whole lot of extra rolls to chase down.


Here’s the sweater:

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You can use the double strand for the cast on. I suppose that’s to give a little more weight to the bottom edge. You might also work it with a single strand since it rolls anyway but the designer is suggesting the double strand for the above reason.
Since you’re doing a twist of the colors at the join, you’ll only need to use 2 strands of a single color at each panel. You won’t be carrying the contrasting color across at any point. As the pattern mentions, that’ll call for 2 balls of the side panel color to work the front or the back.
Very nice looking top with lovely detail at the sides and neck.