CO stitches won't fit on circs!

Ok, I must be getting really really annoying to a lot of people because I’ve been posting tons of stuff here… but I can’t figure this out!

I finally broke down and bought 16" circular needles as required by this pattern (i’m making the green hat on the left/the pattern on the top) (well, I bought the interchangable needles so all I have to do is unscrew the top parts) The only thing is, the CO doesnt fit all the way around the circle! I watched the vid on circular knitting, and Amy said that you can’t do magic loop knitting on 16"… is there any other way to make it fit?

Maybe I didn’t make the right purchase… I bought the cable separate from the needles themselves, so maybe thats why they don’t fit? The cord’s package says 16"… well idk, if anyone has had this problem before please let me know, I’m getting really frustrated!


if you are talking about the Boye interchangeables there is no 16" set. the points are 4 inches each and if you bought a 16" cable then the needles you are using are about 24" instead of 16". Even the 12" cable won’t work on those since you would be working on 20". When you are working with circs the measurement they give is from point to point. It is a pretty common mistake and unfortunately i don’t think anybody realizes they are making it until they do the same thing you did…at least that’s what i say when i am making myself feel better about making it! :wink:

unfortunately the boye cable is just so stiff there is no good way to make a 16" set of needles on those i think.

if you are talking about a different brand though, measure them when the tips are on from point to point and see how long they are.

If the CO won’t fit around on a circular, you could use DPNs instead. You can check out Amy’s videos on this here.

Thanks guys. I did buy the Boyles, and thank God I posted something here or I would have pulled my hair out out of frustration, lol. So tomorrow I’m just going to back and exchange everything for the regular circs, and hopefully FINALLY start on this hat.

Thanks again! :smiley: