Clover Wonder Knitter for I-Cord

Has anyone used this tool? I bought one recently and just felted my first cord. I used one thread of worsted weight on the larger disk (6 prongs). I felted it and it looks pretty nice. The best part is that it really didn’t shrink at all - it just tightened up real nice. I stuck it in the dryer because I wanted it to dry real quick and be really hard so I can cut it up in pieces for bracelets. I want to try to use my glass beads to make a kind of clasp/center piece on the bracelet, which is why I didn’t join the cord before felting. We’ll see.

I’ll show pictures when it’s done, but I was just wondering if anyone else has had positive/negative experience with this tool.


Strange - I was just recommending one to my friend this morning! I have one, managed to get it on ebay, and love it! It’s so easy to use, quick to work up and I can use it for yarns to make hair falls and straps and anything else, as well as with wire to make really beautiful jewellery. I can’t recommend it highly enough, from my experience :slight_smile:

OK, so it came out of the dryer pret-ty great although not as round as an I-cord made on dpns, but I kinda like that because the bracelet will sit on my wrist better.

I just glued clear button shanks onto some of my big button disks and they’re outside in the hot sun drying. Gosh, I’m so anxious to see this bracelet complete. I’ve got some clear stretchy thread that I’m going to use so that the bracelet will have a little give sliding over my wrist but will still keep the bracelet tight the way I prefer.

Pictures coming soon!

I have a spool knitter, i use it to make i-cord too! i loooove it.
larudden- just saw your beautiful beads on your blog! i am in love :smiley: i hope you start selling them, i would love to use them on some sweaters i am making for my dd :heart:

OK, here are the prototypes. I’ve already decided that I have to find my heavy elastic thread because the thin stuff I have here is not substantial enough and my button is wobbling. Some might not mind but the OCD part of me is going crazy! As soon as I dig out all the crap in my studio in our Sarasota house (this weekend, I hope!), I’ll be able to fix this.

Otherwise, I’m kinda likin’ these bracelets. The black one is made from a dpn knitted i-cord and the red one is from the Clover Wonder Knitter. Like I mentioned before, I like the flatness of the Clover cord - seems to fit my wrist better and doesn’t seem so bulgy (is that a word?) to me.

I made the buttons on my torch and attached clear button shanks with E6000 glue. The button on the red bracelet has a hole all the way through so I glued a few tiny seed beads in the middle. In the future, I’ll probably make the buttons like the one on the black bracelet. Cleaner look.

OK, I’m babbling. Here they are!


As soon as I get the design “right,” I’ll be offering them on my website. I’m really into making big, honkin’ buttons but will give sets a try. It’s just that each bead is made by hand, so no two will really be exactly the same. I like that, but some may not. I can usually get the disks around the same diameter, but they won’t be identical.
I’ll keep you posted. Thanks for the kudos!:muah:

:inlove:i love the color combos you’ve used! i like that they wouldn’t all be exactly the same, just handmade like the knits they would be on :mrgreen: big buttons on kids sweaters are great, not to mention linda lowers the choking hazard :shifty: