Clover Needles

Clover Brand Needles- Do you like them? :??

I’m not that fond of them myself. They’re overly expensive, and break VERY easily. Or, at least, the ones gifted to me, as well as the ones I bought (LYS didn’t have metal dpns at the time), all snapped very easily.

Size 6 straights shouldn’t snap in your hands while you’re knitting. If you sit/step on them, yes, while knitting, no.

Depending on the yarn, I prefer them. They don’t slide very easily with 100% cotton, but I use them for mostly everything else I knit. I’ve never had any break at all :shrug:

Yikes… I’ve had the opposite experience that RD had. They were the first bamboo needles I ever bought and I was delighted at the “down home natural” feeling I got about learning to knit and using wooden needles. I have all types though, metal, resin and bamboo. I’m not a big fan of cheepy plastic and I have several pairs of “fancy” wooden/bamboo needles I’ve bought when I shop at yarn stores when on a trip. I have some pretty thin clovers that have a very negligible bend to them but I’ve seen that in other fine gauge needles too. the only ones of mine that broke (brittany burch size 5) was due to an overstuffed bag and a clover set that one broke out of :!!!: stration :oops: but i’ve never had a clover or any other snap during usage. I also have several clover circ that I think are ok. i don’t much care for the stiff cable, but with a little hot water, they work just dandy when i need a grippier needle.
In summary…I like Clover bamboo :heart:

I love 'em! :slight_smile:

I have a set of size 2 DPNs, and while they did bend a good bit while I was knitting socks with them, they didn’t break. I also have some “jumper” needles (straight needles with cords at the end to hold a lot of stitches) in sizes 6, 7, and 8. I got those in a swap, and I’ve enjoyed working with them.

RiverDaughter, you might want to email or call the Clover company about your brittle needle - they may send you some replacements. I know I heard of one company that will replace broken needles, but I don’t remember what it was - either Clover or Brittany, I think.

I bought a set of KPOptions instead. Though the size 6 needles were from Seattle, and the dpns from WY, so I always assumed it was an entire company wide bad needle thing. Meh, maybe I knit differently that everyone else, I was a crocheter for many long years first. :shrug:

I like their bamboo dpns. I’ve never had a problem with them but bamboo doesn’t break easily. As far as flat knitting is concerned I use my Options.

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

I have one set of Clover straights and one set of DPNs. I love both. I’ve been tempted to add to my Clover collection. Until recently Clover was the only bamboo needles I used. Bought some more bamboo needles on eBay thinking all bamboo would be pretty much the same–WRONG. Clovers have some kind of finish on them that I find give just the right amount of slip.

On the other hand, I’m a terrible one to ask, because I’ll forgo clothing and food to buy a knitting doo-dad.


I love Clover DPN’s. My smaller ones have some bends in them from the pressure of my hands, but I’ve never broken one.

In fact, the only one I’ve ever broken was a Boye straight that fell on the floor and shattered in two.

I use my Options for everything else, though I do have some Clover circs from before I got my Options.

That’s a sign that you should turn on your heat. :stuck_out_tongue: Metal only shatters like that at subzero temperatures, and thus should not shatter in your home. :teehee:

The Boye wasn’t metal, it was plastic or resin or something. It was a straight needle, which I never use anyway, so I’m not particularly sad. :teehee:

I don’t touch the heat, because I always get accused of turning it up too high. :roll:

I love my Clover bamboo needles. They’re much nicer than my Plymouth needles, one of which splintered during normal use.

I use my Clover bamboo regular straights when my Addis are too slippery for certain yarns, and I :heart: :heart: :heart: the Clover 5" bamboo DPNs.

I second that! The 5" ones are perfect for socks. :slight_smile: :cheering:

Love 'em. Clover’s are the only needles I own (other than some cheap Boye aluminum ones I got years ago and really don’t like - too slippery for me), and I’ve got both straights and circs. Anymore, I hardly ever use straights, though - I love working on circs.

Clover needles are awesome!!! :muah: :cheering:

I like them with certain types of yarns. When I tried to use cotton on them, I nearly killed my hands, so that means I should only use them on slippery type yarns to get some extra grip. I have Clover circs, and they are ok, but I haven’t really used them enough to get a good opinion on them though. I recently discovered Addi Turbos and I :heart: LOVE :heart: them, so we’ll see if that leads me to a KP Options set. It should soon though :teehee: . As for the Clover DPNs, the lady at my LYS advised me not to get those because she said she’s snapped many a thin bamboo needles before making socks, and I was better off with the metal. I’m not a fan of cheap plastic Lion Brand needles, because they don’t even feel like real needles to me. I like metal, but those tend to get sticky when my hands get sweaty (which appens when I’m too warm). Addi Turbos are the perfect needle. :notworthy:

I like clover straights…I like them for wool. I don’t know about cotton.

I used to like clover circs and maybe I still do for some really slippery yarns, but I was trying to use my clover circs with wool instead of my options and it just felt so grabby that I changed to my options after the first round.

They are nice bamboo needles, so anything I want to use bamboo for, I use clovers. If I want metal, it’s my options.

I actually ordered my first set of Options last night- after all I have heard, I am truly, very excited abot getting them.

Thanks for your input!

K xxx