Clover IC needles & Knitter's Pride

Does anyone know if Clover needle tips (the interchangeable kind) are compatible with Knitter’s Pride cords?

I’m not sure of the tips, but in my experience (unless something has changed) the cables are much stiffer with Clover. I won’t use them and I love my Knitter’s Pride needles.

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Thanks Jan! I have a set of Knitter’s Pride IC needles and a variety of their cords and they’re the greatest but I need some shorter needles and Clover are available at a nearby store. Wanted to know if I could buy the size of Clover needle I need and attach to my Knitter’s Pride cord. Otherwise I have to order shorter KP needles online & wait for delivery

Ohhhh… I doubt they can be connected. I’ve only had one brand work like that… Knitter’s Pride and Knit Picks Options. Do you want shorter needles or cables?

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I need shorter needles. Knitter’s Pride makes a set they call “special” interchangeables that they advertise as “short” (I have their Dreamz line).
And good to know about Knitpicks & Knitter’s Pride being swappable (is that a word!!)

Sounds like a word to me and it should be if it isn’t! lol