Clothes for Ken dolls

I would like to make some clothes for my friend’s small collection of Ken dolls. I can’t find any! thanks! :smiley:

:thinking: Hmmm I wonder if you can use those patterns for those little sweaters that can be ornaments. I’m not sure how they’d measure up to Ken though.

There is a Barbie section at but the only “masculine” one was a baseball cap! I suppose you could do tank top or T-shirt type ones too, just a smidge bigger for Ken than Barbie!

For sweaters, I’m sure you could adapt some of the sweater patterns in Nicky Epstein’s Barbie knitting books, so they’re not so feminine. :smiley:

I have that book and there are several Ken patterns along with wonderful Barbie patterns. I am working on a new “wardrobe” for my Granddaughter’s dolls for her birthday.