Closures on knitted sweaters

I know you can put in zippers or buttonholes, but can you do snaps on knitted sweaters? What about velcro? :think:

I don’t see why not.:shrug:

I didn’t put button holes on a sweater (baby) because it was supposed to have ties, but it looks boyish so the ties don’t seem right somehow. Velcro seems good, but then I wonder if it would stick to the knitted fabric which would [U][I]not[/I][/U] be good and DH brought up the thought that kids tend to yank on their sweaters when they want them off so snaps might damage the fabric. Ugh… :shrug:

Jan…would a form of bobble on one side and a loop (Icord style) on the other work? It would be easy to undo. I think velcro may tend to catch on a baby item…unsure tho…:??

I was just looking at some patterns…general not babies…and people do talk about using velcro instead of snaps etc. I guess it would be workable if the yarn you’ve used it not supersoft and delicate…umm…I know…it’s a babies item :slight_smile: Well, if the mum is sensible velcro should be fine and the mum might rejoice in how quick it is!

I just thought…this is for a little girl isn’t it I gather…I recall somehow in the completed items forum having used ribbons as ties and they looked lovely…

Mayve even hooks and eyes?

Snaps work fine, especially if you sew a small piece of woven fabric on the inside of the sweater underneath each snap to keep it from pulling out. For a really nice finish, sew strips of grosgrain ribbon along the inside edges before attaching snaps.

I don’t know if they still make it, but I used to use something called “snap tape” for sewing bed skirts, pillow tops and similar home deco items. It’s a strip of ribbon with snaps attached to it at regular intervals. You just sew on the strip and the snaps are automatically in place.

I’ve tried Velcro on a handknit sweater and was really unhappy with it. It not only grabbed onto the fabric but it looked thick, ugly and lumpy. And this was a bulky adult sweater. IMO it would be worse on a baby item.

The idea of a bobble and loop is nice…
Nicki Epstein’s “Knitted Embellishments” has a section on closures made with i-cord. You’ll probably find some good ideas there.

I think with babies it MAY always be best not to use elements that could fall off and be swallowed. I know it will be less of an issue with newborns but washing, siblings and so on…you never know…
But…a hook and eye would work ok I believe

knitasha’s snaps idea sounds like it has merit tho :slight_smile:

Thanks for the ideas! I’m not sure what I’ll end up doing, but the snap ribbon or grosgrain ribbon sounds interesting. I’ll post the FO when I’m done. :hug:

I’ve seen Velcro snagging on wool… I’d be careful or at least try it out: touch your Velcro to the knitted fabric (preferably your swatch) and see how much it grabs.