Closing the seams

Hello everyone,

I have a question when it comes to finishing up the seams. Is there a specific place that you start sewing up the seams. I tried making a cell phone purse and started stitching it up on the outermost loop I could find but when I turned it over, it didn’t bring the rows of stitching “smoothly” together and I have a different pattern going down the sides. I’m not really concerned about it on this project because my daughter has turned it into her snack holder. I want to make sure I get this technique right, just in case I want to make something that it matters how the seams are sewn up.

As you can guess, I’m new. :XX: I will be posting more and more and more. I really like this site. I have been trying to read through the posts but there are soooo many.

Have you checked out Amy’s videos on finishing and seaming? Mattress stitch usually works best for most things. Actually, all the videos are wonderfully helpful.

I haven’t checked out the finishing videos. I will go back and look for them. The ones that I have seen so far have brought me a long way. I’m come so much further with knitting than I have with crochet. Thanks again.

ooh! Can I join the seaming party? I need to stitch up the seam of an iPod sock and am attempting the mattress stitch since it looks so neat in the video. It’s coming out a little weird, I’m not sure why. I’ll keep trying a few more times but, should I be knitting up the seam with the object rightside or inside out?


ETA–Ingrid is the bestest. Thank you!

Mattress stitch is done on the right side/outside.