Closest Yarn to Micro Spun?

Hi, does anyone know of a yarn that’s similar (ideally, identical) to Lionbrand’s Micro Spun? It’s my favorite yarn, especially for baby items, and I still can’t find anything remotely like it. Thanks for any suggestions.

Welcome to KH. It’s a weight 3 dk yarn and there are lots of those around. What characteristics are you looking for? I’ve never used it so I’m not familiar with it. Someone else might have a better idea of what you’re wanting.

It’s the softest yarn I’ve ever worked with (including very expensive, custom yarns.) I do a lot of knitting for premature infants, and it’s always the texture premies prefer. I’ve never run across another yarn quite like it. is awesome! :wink:

here’s the link for their suggestions:

XB what a neat site ! I’ll have to look into a couple of those. When knitting for infants I primarily use Berocco Comfort.