I wanted to share the picture of my finished clogs. They are still damp.

Ingrid gasps with admiration! :cheering: :cheering: They look great!
How do you like the fit? Will you be making a brother or sister for these? :smiley:

Hey! They look just like mine! Nice job! :thumbsup:

Thank you thank you thank you.
I’m sooooooo thrilled I finally got them done. Never thought I would. Thanks to you guys I did. You don’t know how much I hated bothering you. I felt like a total idiot. I just couldn’t get it. :??

Silver, I loved the color of yours that’s why I got those colors. I just didn’t like the cost. It cost me $50.00 total to make them including the needles which cost me $20. But now I have the needles and the pattern. Now will only cost me the yarn. I’m used to paying $2 to $3 to knit my slippers lol. I have never paid this much for any knitting I have ever done. But I have never worked with wool either.

I went to Germany right after 9/11 which I had already paid for the trip months prior. I ran into a lot of little shops that had yarn for socks and they even sell it in the grocery stores. Found them for $1.00 per skein. I came back loaded. My brother in law lives there and they told me they have closed a lot of the shops. I guess they don’t knit as much anymore.

There is a store in town that sells everything from bullets to baby clothes. Literally. They used to have a wall of knitting stuff. Red Heart, basic needles, a few patterns.

I went in the other day to get a tapestry needle. The wall of knitting was reduced to 1/4 of a wall with the rest of the space taken by fishing lures and athletic protectors. When I asked about it the man who owns the store said, “Yeah, we used to sell a lot. I guess people don’t knit much anymore!” I was going to say something, but didn’t bother. I never bought any of his yarn, either.

WOW…I :heart: :heart: :heart: your clogs!! They look wonderful, they came out very well, indeed :smiley: :cheering: :cheering: Most excellent job :happydance: :happydance:
And I canNOT believe that there was sock yarn for :shock: $1.00…how :sunglasses: cool is that?! Oh…to :zzz: dream the impossible dream! It must have really been like sock yarn :angelgrin: heaven. I would just be a :drooling: drooling idiot gazing at sock yarn for one American dollar!!
I’m rather :blush: embarrassed to admit that when my friend opened her sock yarn site that I paid over $ :shock: 40 (plus s/h) for yarn for 2 pairs of socks!!!..FYI…this is VERY out of character for me…did it for a friend. She now has sale yarn :wink: …In my defense; this is some yummy sock yarn…lol!!
Hmmmm…I will dream of sock yarn for a dollar…thank you; I will have oh so plesant dreams tonite…
[color=indigo][size=7]YOUR CLOGS ROCK[/size][/color]

I live in San Diego County (Southern Calif) and they closed most of the shops that sold good yarns. The only places that sell yarn is Walmart, Michaels and this little shop that does sell good stuff near my house that opened a few months ago. I didn’t even know we had one. I hope she makes it because not many people can afford to pay this prices for yarn.

She also gives classes at $15.00 an hour. I can’t afford that. I really don’t truly think she will make it, not in this area. She needs to be where people don’t think twice about paying $$$ for their yarns. We do have an adult school that teaches classes for about $20 per semester that is great. I took it once and also some upholstery.

I buy alot of the yarns at Walmart also, I knit the kids blankets, slippers etc. I can’t stand wool on my body or near my face but seems like the clogs will be ok, they better be lol. I love them.

Ingrid by the way I didn’t answer you about the fit. Yes they fit perfect, the width also, I think I need one more day to dry. My husband got a kick out of seeing them how huge and ugly they looked before felting. I wanted him to see the before and after. He loves them.

Thanks Rebecca (my name is also Rebecca lol)
For the cheer. They are beautiful, but the credit goes to my friends Kellyk and Ingrid for their help and support. Can’t thank you guys enough. Good night and happy dreams.

Those look great!

Thanks Lesly

Hi Blueslady,

You did a wonderful job on those clogs! I also liked the colors. Congratulations!


Hey, guys…I think SO much of this conversation would help out in the original clogs knit-a-long thread…Im going to lock this thread and move what I can to the original. Just wanted to let you know where your posts went! :thumbsup: