Okay…I bought the yard for the Fiber Trends clogs 3 weeks ago and ordered the pattern. I ordered the Options from Knit Picks and they were on the front porch this afternoon when I got home from work. YAH!!! I’ve finished the sole part of the clog and will be knitting the upper in a different color, but the pattern doesn’t say whether to cut the sole yarn and then start the upper color, but I assume that 's what is done. Those of you who have made these probably think this is a silly question, but I want to make sure I cut the yarn before starting the upper color. My sole is in black and the upper will be red since these will be for my daughter who is a huge Georgia Bulldog fan (Go DAWGS!) Any and all help will be greatly appreciated :hug:



You can cut that yarn since it’s not used in the upper.

I usually leave the sole color attached and then just carry it up the short distance at the heel to the cuff.