Clogs sizes help

I’m trying to place a order right now and I remember you all having problems with finished sizes.So for mans 9.5 size what size would I make?And ladies how about your sizes ? I did my own in a different yarn and I am now ordering WOA so your help would be appreciated.How about kid sizes?Am starting my x-mas shopping! Thanks in advance :smiley:

For the men’s 9.5 I would go with the smaller one. I made some for a friend of mine last x-mas…he is a 9 and the smaller ones were fine. Can’t help you with the kiddie sizes…I’m sure someone else will jump in. I think there is a recent pair of kids in the wahtcha knittin’ forum, you might want to ask her.

I found that mine ran a bit big. I first made the medium for myself since it was within my size range, but found the small ones fit much better. They stretch out a bit when you wear them, too.