Cloak Sewing Pattern

Im looking for a very quick and easy to make sewing pattern for a hooded cloak that will close at the front.

I have an event to go to next friday in which i will be outdoors most of the time and i am worried that it might rain. It is an in-character event (LARP, think of a cross between dungeons & dragons and medieval re-enactment) and my character, being non-human, requires a lot of face paint, so it needs a roomy hood to accomodate the ears (don’t ask) and to make sure my make-up doesn’t get rain streaks!

In the past i have made full length robes, and a full circle hooded cloak, but i don’t have enough fabric (or the time) to be doing that this time.

Does any body have any patterns then for a hooded claok that can be put together in the space of one or two evenings?


Would this work for you?

Thanks, but unfortunately i dont have the time or money to be buying a pattern (the local haberdashery/sewing shop is not local unles you can drive). Im looking for somthing online. I think i have found somthing to get a good shape for the body but am still a little stumped with the hood.

Just draw a shape of half of it and double the fabric when you cut it out, sew the shaped part to the other one and maybe put a casing around the straight edge and thread a string through it. Will that work? Or you could cut a strip to sew in between those to shaped parts and it will make it flatter on the top. Good luck.

I am modifying a hood i made a while ago to fit the neck edge of the online pattern. I like your idea of adding flat middle strip that might make it roomier.

Why not just take an old Blanket
Cut the corners so it is oblong circle
Fold the Long way, mark the center of this fold
Slice to midline up the middle of the Long fold to the center mark
make a short cut at the top of the slice (like a T)

to make the hood, simply make a rectangle, and fold to a Square and sew the appropriate part to the T with the corners folded up

then you can fold one of the front flaps across the sholder
looks good, and is fairly authentic
and cheap to make


Yeah…I was going to say…there is the old sheet approch…smiles

But I totally understand about wanting a cool cloak. My friend LARPs. I myself have a cool cloak for when I throw Harry Potter themed capes…I have not yet found a better one…my mom made it for me and it is super heavy and I found a kick *** Hogwarts patch for it…very nice…

I am sorry…I don’t know of any good patterns…smiles