Clever wrap pattern

There is another knitting site called Knitting On that site I discoverd a vey clever lady named Lena B. She adapted the grandmothers dish cloth to make wraps. They are wonderful since no triangle down the back for the wheelchair bound residents. And boy does she knit a lot! Tons for dialysis center, and nursing homes…and I am certain more than I know.

She generously agreed that I could share this info with you all. I will post pix of one so you can see it unfolded and then folded easily into a wrap.

Some she does just garter stitch, others with any pattern, stripes, colours galore. But the base always the same.

She will cast on 40 or 60 sts. Then increase by one every row to 160.


That is clever! That same shape would make a cute shrug for those who can manage to get it on and off without too much trouble. Or I guess it could have buttons or ties to close the sleeve.

That is clever that you could use the standard pattern to make other things such as the shrug that GrumpyGramma mentioned.

Here is another example of her work.


Really nice!

Both are very well done and you’re right, a good solution for those in wheelchairs or anyone who spends time sitting. The idea can be adapted to so many pattern stitches too.

I was just thinking that a cable border along the top/neck so it comes down the front would be nice. Textures for people who like fingering things (I’m thinking along the lines of twiddle muffs) would be good to. Maybe not bobbles. I think the hole from a bobble might not be great.

That is a clever idea. Once I have knit one plainish I may get courageous to try that somehow. I have always been one to follow a pattern. I so admire those who can create their own.

I did make my first twiddlemuff, but haven’t sewn it together yet. That is always the hardest part of anything for me. I hope it turns out and looks like one!

Yes, Lena has dozens of all different patterns. She is amazing.

How ingenious. I will do some for okd grannys from my stash