Clementines baby kimono help please

I am at the right front with 69 stitches in 3 x 3 rib.
Row 1 rib to last 4 stitches, k2tog, k2
(The last 4 are p, k ,k, k)
Row 2 sl1 p2, *k3 p3 to end
But this will throw off the rib alignment.
The decreases are for a v shape at the neck but the 3 x 3 rib should continue straight shouldn’t it?
If I follow the pattern I will be of setting the rib which makes no sense.
Should I sl1 p1 instead of sl1 p2?

I see no comments about this on ravelry but maybe I missed something or I am just thinking this incorrectly.

The first row ends with k2tog, k2 so there are 3sts after the P3K3 rib once you finish the row. Row 2 begins with slip one, p2 which uses up the 3 end sts. Then you start the rib repeat.
There’s a mistake in the rib repeat for row 2. It should be a (P3K3) repeat. The important thing here is to keep the rib aligned as you suspected.

Thank you for your reply salmonmac.

Unfortunately, still confused.
Before working row 1 I have 3 x 3 rib beginning with k3 and ending the row with p3 k3.
If I decrease 4 stitches before the end of the row I am stealing a stitch from my p3 column as the decrease takes 1 purl and 1 knit to become the k2tog.
On row 2, if i use 3 stitches with sl p2 I do not have enough stitches to do k3… or it all knocks out 1 stitch.

The important thing is to keep the rib pattern aligned. You can see it in the pattern and project photos. If that means a rib is p1 or p2 rather than p3 to begin, then that’s what you should do. There will be succeeding single stitch decreases as rows 1 & 2 repeat a further 17 times.

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Thank you

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