Clear Boots and Clogs

I am wondering if anyone has tried these clear boots


These clear clogs

I’d like to know about the comfort and ‘wear-ability’ of either shoe. I would really really like to purchase a pair… and strangely my DH has already authorized the purchase… since the socks I made are so fabulous (that compliment came directly from my DH).

Also, does anyone know if there is a place you can go to try them on? I just hate to purchase shoes and then mail them back and forth 'till I find the proper size.

Thank you for all your help!


I love those boots. WHY don’t they come in Women’s sizes? :crying:

i am almost positive they do. it has been a while since i have looked at them but i am pretty sure they had women’s sizes previously. I would guess they are just out of stock.

I don’t have either of them, but I think I would love the clogs…I’m a clog girl :wink: