Cleaning needles

I am knitting on my KP nickle circs…and I could use a bit more slide.

Does anyone know how to clean the needles? I have a bit of tarnish.

Rubbing Alcohol? Silver polish?

wet paper towel is all I ever use (or rinse under water).

then I rub the needles over the skin on my skalp to make them slide again. Your body does produce something like wool fat on your head (I guess that is a downer for bald knitters, maybe that’s why men are not so much in tune :slight_smile: )

Plain ordinary waxed paper works well too. Especially on bamboo and wooden needles!


I have heard with metal needles to put them in a jar of plain white rice (precooked) and let them sit for a few days. I know with the aluminum ones it gets rid of rust, I have not tried with the Nickel…