Clasp problem

I knitted myself this handy pencil case, I need to finish by the morning.
School. ick. >.<

Anyways. I have this magnetic clasp callled…Magnetic Snaps by Bag Boutique.

Erm. The problem is, Theres a piece with two prongs Im supposed to shove through the knitting, then theres a small piece with holes for the prongs to go through on the other piece of my knitting.
Then, Im supposed to bend down the prongs like one of those envelopes.

I don’t get how this would work, or how Id be able to open it without bending them up, which I couldn’t do anyways since it would be inside my pencil case.

If anyone has worked with this kind before, please help.
I’m open to other suggestions to.
Quick and easy ones of course.

It sounds like you might need one for each side of the case?

Forgive me if this makes no sense, since I’ve never done anything with clasps, but are you sure that’s not just half of the clasp? Is the second piece a backing for the first so that the prongs don’t get caught on things or get bent and cause the clasp to fall off?

You guys are right.
I think I’ll try something else though since my mom was going to use one for a purse of hers, and now she’ll need both.