Clarification of pattern

I have a patten that says K3tog tbl. Does that mean I actually am going to the back side of the 3 stitches and will K and end up with one stititch? I have tried doing this, if that is correct and it is almost impossible. K3tog from the front is easier, but I don’t know how that affects the pattern. Any help here would be appreciated.

Yes that’s what it means, put the R needle into the sts through the back loops of 3 sts and k tog. This is a left leaning dec, the mirror of k3tog so you wouldn’t substitute that one. What you can do though is a sssk - slip 3 sts separately knitwise, then put the L needle in the front of them and k tog. This is like the ssk, but with 3 sts.

Thank you for the suggestion! Just thinking that through seems like it will be easier than going to the back of the three stitches. I couldn’t get the knit stitch to come through in the back or at least it was taking a very long time to accomplish it and that slowed the knitting way down!

I’ve done a k3tog, but it definitely took lace-point needles to get the yarn to cooperate! Regular “blunties” just didn’t work.