Clapotis scarf pattern help needed

Ok I’m wanting to start my clapotis scarf. On row 2 is says to sl1, k1, pm, yo, kfb. For row 3 and all odd numbered rows it says to sl1, p to last stitch, pfb. I know what to do … I understand everything about those directions except this … am I suppossed to be slipping my stitch knitwise or purlwise? Do I slip it knitwise on the even rows and purlwise on the odd? :??

Please offer your advice. My Malabrigo :happydancing: is just begging me to knit it up into something pretty. :lol: And I’m just dying to oblige.

Always slip every stitch purlwise, unless you’re doing a left-slant decrease, but that’s another story. The reason is that slipping purlwise sets the stitch up like it would be if you had worked it, so that when you work it again on the next row, it won’t be twisted.

I thought it was slip purl wise unless otherwise directed.

That’s what Lionbrand says too.

And here, same thing:

For the beginning of rows you’re supposed to always slip pwise. However, I’ve always slipped according to the next sts on the row - kw if a knit, pw if purl - and that’s what I did on all my Clapotises… They look fine that way.

Thanks! I knew I could count on the gals here. I learned something new today. I honestly didn’t know that I should always slip purlwise unless stated otherwise. Up until now all of the patterns I have had to increase in always specified. :lol:

Thanks again!

I really don’t slip the first stitch at all unless it’s specific to the pattern like Clapotis is. When I do, the loose edge looks much worse than just knitting or purling them and pulling tight.