Clapotis-like shawl/scarf

Can anyone recommend an open and airy shawl or scarf. Not too much lace because I don’t feel like paying that much attention. I like the clapotis, but I’ve already made one and I don’t like knitting the same thing twice. Can someone recommend a open airy shawl or scarf that does not require super complimicated lace charts and that is not just lace all over?

There’s couple new variations on the clapotis with lace at the kal - the coin and clover st ones. Or the Sunday market shawl - though it’s a non diagonal version of a clapotis. The Feather and Fan shawl there’s tons at 336 Triangle Shawl Patterns! and Rectangular Shawl Patterns

Oh, thanks! I really like that coin lace one. I wonder how it will look in variegated. I should go swatch right now!

Aren’t those really nice variations? Even though I’ve made half a dozen, I’m thinking of doing one like this or maybe in another 6 st pattern.