Clapotis help

I have just begun a clapotis and have only done the first section and the first four row of the second section. It looks really strange…like a small triangle of stitches …not sure if I’m doing it right and don’t want to continue if it’s wrong…so confused. Help

Yes, it starts out as a triangle, it’s knit on the diagonal from one corner to the other. When you get to section 3 you’ll begin to dec on the end of the purl row while continuing to increase on the end of the knit row; that’ll start shaping the rectangle. You also get to start dropping stitches in section 3.

maybe this is a dumb question but what is a clapotis? :??

Thank you!!! My stitches don’t have any real definition so I’ve torn it out and started over…am thinking that I am nit pfbing and ktbling right!!!

It’s the name of a real pretty scarf Mede with sock yarn…check it out on ravelrey. I think I’m making it harder than it is!!!

Look at the inc videos for kfb, I think there’s a link for pfb under the description. Pfb is awkward but doable. For both, k or p into the st, leave it on the needle, then reach your needle tip around to the back leg and k or p into it.

The Clapotis is a scarf or shawl that’s cool because you get to drop sts. The original pattern is on Knitty, and can be made as narrow or wide or a long as you want. It’s a very flexible pattern.