Clapotis 2007 KAL

Hey everyone, I decided I needed a wrap so after much thought and consideration Clapotis it is!

Come on, join in! You know you want to!!! :cheering:



Debating…(since I just frogger my entire FIRST sock. :grrr: )

I gotta get a new printer cartridge so I can print out the pattern…then yarn! :cheering:

I’m in - I have my yarn and printed the pattern… now I just have to get started. The PFB is throwing me for a loop!


I will watch the thread see if you all need any help. I have made two of these babies and really they are super easy, just also very easy to forget where you are. I really enjoyed knitting mine just remember thoes stitch markers! (or you can purl the rows to be dropped. I did that with the second one and didn’t have to mess with all of the markers. Have fun all :slight_smile: :cheering:

Any yarn recommendations other than the suggested in the pattern?

Im open to shopping…(of course) but not paying out my nose for the yarn. :roflhard:

Almost any yarn will do except fuzzy or sticky ones. Probaly the cheapest alternative is Caron’s Simply Soft though it’s a solid color, but the SS Shadows works too. Lots of people used Knitpicks Shimmer doubled; I made one in Shimmer triple stranded. I can help too, I’ve made lots of them.


Me, me! I have three skeins of KnitPicks Bare in the wool/silk blend. Now I just have to figure out what colors I’m going to dye it!

Ohhh I just remembered that I do have a spreadsheet for the Clap if anyone wants it. It is supposed to help keep track of where you are. check off the rows as you go. I didn’t end up using it but a lot of ppl I talked to loved using it.
PM me and I will e-mail it to you :slight_smile:

I started on this last night! I got all the way to the first dropped stitch! I LOVE this pattern so far!!! :slight_smile: :heart:

This is on my long list of things to make. I got some Regal Silk at one of the many sales posted about. I am not going to make it as big though. I found thesemodified instructions for a scarf size one. But there is also instructions on how to make it smaller on the pattern also.

I’m in! I just ordered some Mmmmmm today which I finally managed to find here in Germany. My plan is to knit my mom a clapotis for Christmas, but I might as well get started now. :teehee:

So as soon as my yarn is here I’ll be joining in! :cheering:

If you want to see what I ordered I posted it at the top of my blog (url in my signature). I can’t wait to get my order!!

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Thanks Sandra -

I PM’d you. I have been trying to get this started for over a year…I’ll try anything!


I made mine using a a ribbon yarn Giotto in colorway Raphael. I absolutely love it! Thankfully I go the yarn on sale. I modified mine so it wouldn’t be so wide. It was super easy to do.
Mintdee I never thought of purling the drop rows what a brilliant idea.

Here is a close up picture of mine

Ooohhh…that looks so cool on ribbon yarn.

Now I think I want to try in ribbon yarn…Ill hit Michaels later this week…they have some on sale, I think.

I think I might join in. I was wondering though, it’s all in stockinette stitch, will dropping the stitches help it not to curl so much?

I’m working on one in recycled Easter Egg dyed wool. Pics are on my blog.

I got to the 2nd dropped stitch tonight. Thats my goal, to make it through the pattern to the dropped stitch (my reward) every evening. Not bad considering I work 2 jobs.

Here are pics:

Yes. Though curling is part of the design, the dropped stitches and being knit on the bias keep it from curling as much as regular stockinette.


I definately want to make this. I’m thinking for my grams for her birthday.

Not sure if I want to do Ribbon yarn or Mmmmmmmmm…

Will have to decide soon. I just need to finish my right hand of Fetching, then I am in.

Chel -

That looks great! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

I am going to the LYS at lunch so she can help me with the pfb, then I am off and running!