I’m knitting a Clanger and am having a problem. On the large Clanger, at the start of shaping the back of head, you are instructed first to K1, m1 knit to last 2 stitches and turn. THEN my problem starts. It says:

Slip 11, purl to last 2 stitches, turn.

When I slip 11, the yarn is still back at the place where you I slipped the first of the 11. Do I just carry it across the back or what? Am I misreading the pattern?

I’ll appreciate any help anyone can offer.

I am having a bad day. After looking at this so many times and finally submitting my question, I have the answer! I have misread the pattern, of course. It says “Sl1”, not S11.

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Can you give us a link to the pattern, please?
It may be that you connect the working yarn to the sts to purl and let the slipped sts gather?

Thanks for your offer but since I only need to slip one (not 11), the yarn is there and all is well.

Easiest answer. Great! Love to see a photo when you finish.

I knitted Mother Clanger a few years ago - great fun. I’d whistle you a reply if I could :whistle:


I think I remember seeing a pattern for these in “Knit your own toys”. I think you can buy it on Amazon.

Indeed you can - or you can download this free Tiny Clanger

Google BBC Clangers Knitting patterns for more to buy.:cheering: