Claire Garland pattern question

Hi, I have new questions about stuffed animal patterns, as usual.

The pattern was Clarie Garland’s early work, Ravelry: Bamber the Labrador Puppy pattern by Claire Garland, when her pattern did not call for four types of different mohair yarn. Sorry, off the topic.
I am still at the early stage of the pattern and have already frogged once. Not surprising, as I always have difficulties with her designs. Gorgeous final work, but painful knitting and making up.

I am confused by the highlight section in the picture. Why do I need to slip all stitches purlwise? I already have equal stitches on two needles. What does that accomplish?

For this part, does this mean I need to pick up new stitches for the ear shaping? And should I leave the 26 stitches (13 stitches on each needle) alone?

For the head-shaping part, the pattern again asks for picking up 13 stitches. What do I do with the 26 stitches left on two needles if I pick up new stitches?

I apologize for including the patterns here. I will remove them once my questions are resolved.

It is a cute pattern but apparently there are mistakes. I couldn’t get to all errata because one site required signup. The link below also gives an email for the designer which is worth a try. It should be supported by Clarie Garland.

Here’s a direct email for the errata:

Some of the project knitters on Ravelry mention modifications they’ve made.

I assume the the 30sts are slipped in preparation for the following instruction that requires the RS facing. You’ll be working on the 3rd and the first needle over those 30sts which decrease to 26.
Row 46 does require a pick up of sts for the ear. These sts are picked up along the row ends. The following rows up to the bind off are for those 13sts only.
For Complete head, you seem to be working with the held sts from to the top of the head plus the 13 + 13 picked up sts from the sides of the head. I’m wondering if this is one of the mistakes in the pattern. You do have 26 sts sitting on two needles already which are left from the Shape head sides portion of the pattern. It’s a good question for the designer or one of the most recent project knitters who have undoubtedly faced a similar problem.

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Thank you so much for the prompt response. I came across the same source! I think the 26 stitches may be left on and used for underbelly construction later. Maybe. I will give the pattern another try.

Wow, those seem like major corrections. Thanks very much for posting them.

I reached out to Claire, and she responded quickly to the 26 stitches problem. I will frog a little and try again!

Reading through the pattern (and it’s been a while since I’ve looked at it!) it’s reads as though you don’t pick up but simply knit across the first 13 of those 26 and then the second 13.
In fact, in my original, pre-editor’s checks - this is what I wrote:

Complete head
RS facing, slip 15 sts p-wise from top of head off stitch holder onto 2.5 mm (US size 1) dpn.
Rejoin yarn, using 4th dpn, K15 across back of head. Switch needles as working in the rnd. Work beneath the ear K13 down Left Side of head, K13 up Right side of head. (41 sts)

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That’s great on 2 counts: the designer was responsive and you have the correction. Have fun working the rest of the puppy.