Claire Garland Frog Pattetn

Just a quick question on the sewing up of body to belly.

Is it my imagination that the belly is shorter than the body? And is this because once you have filled the body with stuffing it needs to be that way?

I only have the project photos to go by but the front and back look quite similar. Both will fill out with stuffing of course. There may certainly be small differences.
How much difference do you have?

To me the back (green in the pattern link photo) looks quite a bit bigger than the front (white) or belly. I’ve looked at some of the photos on ravelry and if we are talking about the whole of the green section compared to the white then I do think it should be bigger.
Unless you are not counting the bum and head, especially the head, makes the green piece bigger.

This ravelry project might help as there is a disected frog photo and a stuffed body photo without the legs getting the way

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Tyes, thank you, I have those photos from the pattern, just can’t quite workout how it stretches!

Perhaps I’ll just give it a go!