About how long would size 16 circulars be… if there is such a thing?

16"…are you referring to different parts of the circs? the tip to tip length is 16" and they come in all needle sizes (ie size 3,7,11, etc)

if you are talking about size 16 though there isn’t one so far as i have ever seen. skips right from 15 to 17.

ok, i thought so. i haven’t seen any 16 either. but as long as they can be that big then i’m cool. but how long tip to tip or does it matter?

tip to tip is going to depend on the size of your project. if you are doing a hat you want 16 inch probably. but you need to know how big around your project is going to be. smaller is better than bigger in general because you can fit extra stitches on a smaller circ but trying to stretch them around a circ that is a little too big is painful and often impossible. however if you get TOOO many on a circ that is too small it can be cumbersome too.

i want to make a long, wide cloth. somthing like a table runner. i was going to use straight but i don’t think they will be long enough for the width that i want.

For something very wide, get the longest circ you can and then knit back and forth. If you ever want to use it for in the round, you can still use it with magic loop or two circs.

oo… ok thanks!

It sound like you’ll be knitting back and forth on the circ, not in the round for a table runner. In that case the length of the needle won’t really matter.

I’d probably go for something in the neighborhood on 25 or 26 inches tip to tip. The “standard” sizes the needle makers use are 29", 24", & 16". I’ve occasionally seen 32" (in really large sizes like 15, 17) and I have one OLD circ which is 20". :??

I tend to like 24" myself - it’s long enough to put a sweater body on without being too long, even if you’re doing waist shaping ( for my very thin nieces sometimes 29" gets too tight) but there’s still enough room to get your hands on the needles without feeling cramped.



thank you all for being so helpful.

Ok, koolbreeze, you are referring the the size of the needle and not the length of the circs? my apologies…I was a bit confused considering that I use 16" circs all of the time! Looks like you found the answer to your question :wink: