Circular Stockinette which side out

I am trying to make christening dress for my daughter. The top and sleeves are done and I am beginning the skirt, so the top is now hanging from my circular needles. I am supposed to do stockinette stitch, which I know means all knitting in circular knitting. The top of the dress definitely has a right side and a wrongside. My question is which side should be facing in the center? Usually in stockinette you knit when the right side is facing so it seems I should have the dress hanging down inside out. I have seen some confusing instructions about this, can someone give a clear answer whether the “right side” should be inside the tube of fabric as I knit or outside.



The right side should be on the outside. Hold the needles closest to you with the cord of the circ or the other dpns away from you. You always are knitting on the outside, with the purls on the inside.

Once you get the knitting going, you should see it coming out of the loop of the cable needles towards you. If It’s going the other way (away from your face, towards your lap) then you’re knitting inside out. Not a big deal, for some things, because you can always turn it rightside out when you’re finished (but that might not work for a dress!)

Thanks for the response I’ve definitely got it right now!