Circular needles

How do you easily pick up something you were working on with a circular needles?

When I was using straight needles, it was easy. The needle with the yarn went in my left hand with the end knob pointing to the left and the empty needle went in my right hand. Now that I’ve transfered my work onto a circular needle, I’m a little lost. It’s a flat item that I put on a circular for more room. I would love some tricks to know the best way to keep track. Thank you!

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If you’re knitting flat the working yarn will still be on the end of the needle you hold in your left hand. Pick up the other other needle a d start knitting.

My problem was when I put down the needle and picked it back up because I’m not advance enough to know where I left off and where I needed to pick it back up. I figured it out by playing around, however.

I’m putting a small tag (a bread tag) on the side where the butt of the straight knitting needle would have been. The side of the project without the bread tag is where I need to start working. I’m not sure if I can explain it properly, but it seems to be working.

I have seen this question a hundred times, here is how I do it, wherever the yarn is is your right hand needle, there is only one spot the yarn comes out of your knitting, whichever needle has that yarn coming off of it is the right hand needle.

Yep, slide your stitches to the other end if you have to make the yarn come out in the right place.

Whatever works. Do what you need to do in order to get used to it, then one day you’ll realize it’s no longer a problem either because your method of keeping track is so automatic or you realize you forgot to mark it but it doesn’t matter. Good for you for figuring out a method for keeping track! :cool: :slight_smile:

Whilst we’re on the topic of circular needles . . . I am trying to create a ribbed collar (2x2) and I’m knitting round and round and round using the same method I would to knit ribbed on my flat pieces. According to videos I have watched I’m doing the method correctly. However, no matter how hard I try there is no ribbed stitching appearing. It’s all just showing up as regular knit stitch. I have no idea what I’m doing wrong but the circular needle is really irritating me. Is there anyway I could do this using two straight needles? I saw a video that showed creating a tube this way but nothing as such with the ribbed effect. Please can someone help, it’s really frustrating me. Thanks.

Knitting ribbing in the round differs from on flat needles in that you do the same thing on each round, you don’t k2, p2 and then p2, k2 as you would working flat. It’s still the same knit the knits and purl the purls. If you’re doing purl stitches you should see purl stitches in your work. I think the most common mistake is to try to work a round of k2, p2, then a round of p2, k2, which results in a different pattern. I wouldn’t use the 2 straight needles method here. The gauge is different and I just don’t think it would work as well. What video are you going by? Knowing which one might help in solving your problem. Another thing worh mentioning is that it can take several rows for the ribbed pattern to really show.

I don’t think she is knitting in the round I think she is knitting a flat piece on circular needles. In which she would have to rib just like she would on straight needles. :slight_smile: