Circular Needles

I’m deciding between the addi circ set and the knitpicks options. They look almost identical in terms of what is provided except the knitpicks one does not come with the forty inch cable.

My question is, do you frequently use the forty inch cable? Will I live a long and successful life without it? Or can the knitpicks be connected somehow to get about 40 inches?

Also, are both easy to connect? I’ll get extremely insane if that’s annoying. I’ve noticed some people complain about the knitpicks, but I don’t know if that is one unhappy in the midst of a happy crowd.


I own both…

These are MY opinions on the questions you asked…

The Addi connects with a push and turn, providing a secure, tight join. I use my 40" cable for the larger items, sweaters, blankets…ect. The kit comes with a connector that you can join your cables to make them longer if needed. The tips are blunt and I use the Addi circs for [I]most[/I] things…

The Options connect with a screw on type connection. If you dont use the tool to tighten, [I]it will come unscrewed[/I], further, I have had them come unscrewed even after tightening, not very often, but it does happen. The cables can be connected with a separate purchase of connectors that will make your cables as long as you want or need. The tips are sharp and I use the Options for all my lacework and for the occational time when the size I need is being taken up by my Addi.

Hope this helps your decision…

PS…i knit in bars all the time in my downtime(im a dj)

Hi! :waving:

I’m a BIG fan of the KP Options - I just love them!

I bought the 40", 47" & 60" cables as extras and have used the 40 and 47 extensively when I learned to knit two socks at one time on one long cable. When I knit something a little larger, like leg warmers, I use the larger 47".

Even though you don’t necessarily use the longer cables all the time it’s great to have them on hand when you want to try out a new technique.

Tightening the cables - I keep one of those thin rubbery discs that you use to loosen jar lids in the case with my options and the little key thingy that holds the cable just sticks right through the disc so I have what I need right there. Just slide the key in the little hole, twist on the needle and tighten the needle by holding it with the jar opener. I’ve never had one un-twist when I use this method.

Happy knitting,

Ruthie :knitting:

You can buy the 40" as an extra if you use it a lot.

I personally like the KP Options in part because of the price and customer service. Sure, they have problems occasionally, but really all products do. Their customer service is awesome!

Also… if you use a grippy shelf liner thing to tighten as well as the key they rarely if ever come apart.

I don’t own either of the ones you are considering. I actually have the Denise Interchangeable Needles. I’ve been very happy with these and they’ve only popped out once or twice and that was when I was magic loop knitting and I was putting a lot of strain on them.
Oh and that’s another thing, if you want to do any sock knitting and are going to do magic loop knitting then you probably want to get the set with the longer cable as you can’t really do that unless you have a very long cable. If you aren’t then just get the one which has the best reviews on the internet. You could maybe check out Ravelry, I don’t know if they have stuff like that on there. I know I’ve been helped many times on there when I was looking for a yarn suitable for a pattern.


No, I don’t use the 40" cable much. I always use the shortest cable possible, with any work. This keeps the stitches on the left hand needle ‘queued up’ as close to the ‘launching pad’ as possible.

I used the 40" cable for a log cabin blanket last year. Maybe even a longer cable than that.
I kept going back and forth til it felt comfortable. Too long was worse than too short.

I, too, have the KP Options and love them. Yes, I’ve had some problems with them but considering the quality, cost and wonderful customer service, they are worth it to me. I love that the tips are pointy (except when I’m working with really splitty yarn) and the cables are so flexible. I’m not saying I wouldn’t take a set of Addis if someone gave them to me, but most of the time I don’t need the blunt tip.

As far as the 40" cables. I don’t use mine too often. Like ArtLady I perfer to use as short a cable as possible for my projects. But hey, the cables are only $3.99 for a set.

my .02.