Circular Needles-Why does length matter?

As a new knitter, I’m slowly building my needle collection. I have only one set of circular needles. They are the right size (10 1/2’s) for a pattern I’m wanting to try, but they’re 29" length, whereas the pattern calls for a 16" length. Of course, I’ve noticed various patterns call for various length circular’s, but I haven’t figured out what makes the length matter. :??

If you use a circular needle that’s shorter than what is called for, you won’t be able to fit all the stitches on it.

If you use one that’s longer, there will be more cable than necessary and it will be tight, if not impossible, to knit continuously in a circle.

Hope this helps.


Ahh, I see. :idea:

So, I’m guessing that if I’m just using my circulars in place of straight needles (when circulars aren’t called for), the length shouldn’t make any difference, provided, of course, that they’re long enough.

Thanks! :smiley:

That’s true. As long as the sts fit, then it really doesn’t matter how longer the circ is.

I await with bated breath Beldie, Hildie, and KellyK’s responses to this question… :lol:



Ok, while the other two drool, I must be the only one who can speak up:

It’s not the length that matters, but how you use it that counts!!!

I think I can assume that I have the support of mascarasnake on this one :wink:

I couldn’t think of anything that would be maybe passable as remotely appropriate in a far off galaxy… so I just kept my mouth shut. In my opinion, it’s how big around, not necessarily how long, your circs are :wink:

Have we gained ourselves a reputation or something??? :??