Circular needles too short?

I am on my third attempt to correctly cast on and join for working in the round. I won’t bore you with the first two screw-ups, but this time, here is what is happening.

According to my math, and the pattern I’m using, (linked above), I should be casting on with 80 stitches. After watching a video here on how to join, I decided I should start with 81 instead. My problem? I think my circulars are too long. I went to the store the other day and bought some that were about 5" shorter than what I was using, and they are still too long. They measure 23" point to point. Am I doing something wrong? Or are my needles just too long? If so, where can I find shorter ones? I’m angry. But I’ll leave that for me to deal with hehe.

Thank you!!

Why do you think they’re too short? Can you not fit 80 stitches on them?

Oh shoot. I was so annoyed that I wrote “short” instead of “long” Sorry… I will change that now.

The 80 stitches fit on but there is a lot of room left, and I can’t get the stitches close enough to knit them together (join?)

Ahhh! That makes so much more sense! :slight_smile:

In looking at the picture, I was thinking too long made more sense. I would suggest either using dpns, or knitting on two circulars.

How do I knit on two circulars? I have those. Thank you for your patience :slight_smile:

No problem! I’ve had way too many people answer my questions to dare to be impatient! :smiley:

Check out the video here:
Scroll a little to “Small Diameter Knitting” and see the video on two circulars.

thank you, I will.

For 80 stitches, you probably want a 16 inch circular. So a 22/24 would be too long.

I knit hats on 24" circs. Usually I CO using a needle one size larger (it doesn’t matter about the length), then join and knit the first round with the needle I’ll use. By the time you get the first round done, the stitches stretch out enough without pulling out of shape to continue on. If it’s still a bit too short, (the stitches), I use a sorta half Magic loop with the right needle only and that works. By the time you have 2 or 3 rounds, the circumference is larger/looser than the CO edge and you can go merrily along.

I have to agree with Cristeen Go out and get the 16" circulars, treat yourself. You don’t want all that frustration and angst to transfer to the cat.

As a hint, I store all my circulars curled in the photo sleeves of a small (“grandma brag book”) photo album. It’s big and puffy but their not all tangled up!

Miz Maggie-

That’s a great idea for storing the circulars.

I recently learned to knit on two circulars thanks to that video and I found that having two different types of needles (one bamboo, one metal) helped a lot with keeping things orderly. It was easy to see which set I was knitting on at which time. And, I agree, get the 16" they come in handy for lots of stuff.

But don’t they curl up again being stored coiled up?