Circular needles instead of double pointed needles

Can I substitute circular needles when a leg warmer pattern calls for double pointed needles like four or five of them? I really do not think i can do four or five open ended needles… but I’d really like to make leg warmers I’d appreciate any help

Totally. If you have a section of decreases, though, you may still wind up needing to knit it off onto the DPNs when you get to it… much the way most hats do.

Just remember, you cannot knit an item of a certain circumference on a circular needle that’s much if any larger than that circumference. Say if your leg warmers were going to be 15" circumference, you MIGHT be able to squeeze it onto a 16" needle, but it might wind up stretching your guage funny. However, you’d be just fine knitting them on a 12" needle, because the stitches can be scrunched closer together on the needle.

In other words. A needle 2 inches bigger than the work is a no go. A needle 2 inches smaller than the work is juuuuust right.

Thanks!! That makes sense!.. And now I can get to those leg warmers!!

Well, it depends on the size. If it’s very small diameter…say less than 72 stitches or so you might find using 2 circular needles or magic loop easier. If you have too few on a 16 inch circ they really pull because they don’t fit around nicely. So unless they are for an infant check the videos under advanced techniques and you can try those methods. :thumbsup:

Yep but if the sts aren’t enough to fit around even a 16" needle (shorter than that are hard to find and a lot of people think them difficult to knit with) then you can use 2 circs or one longer one and use Magic Loop or single loop.

I’m in the same boat. I’m knitting baby leg warmies and am using a 16" size 4 circular needle. Will I use the magic loop method at the end to join the legs…?? I’m a bit confused and this is my first project!