Circular Needles: How do you keep cord from getting in way

and what is your favorite circular needle brand?

I am knitting my frist project on circular needles and I LOVE the smallness of the needles, so much easier to work with AND I don’t have to worry about injurying anyone while knitting on the metro! :lol:

However, that little nylon cord keeps flopping around and getting in my way! I bought a pair of Bates 5.5mm 24" at JoAnn’s – didn’t want to put too much $$$ into them until I decided if I liked them or not. the 24" was the only length they had, but the largest piece of my project is 15" across – Am I havein troulbe because the cord is too long? or is curling and getting in the way a common problem with circulars?

well as you have seen you are using a lot more circular than you need for the work you have there so that may be a problem that you have with that particular project. one thing you can do is dip the cord in hot hot hot water (well not boiling probably) when there is no work on them. that helps to straighten the cord but it isn’t fool proof. if you had a bigger project on that one, it would naturally take care of the extra cord so it wouldn’t be a problem. there are needles that have GREAT cords that just don’t coil as much. Addis are my favorite and if you use the search function up there and type in the word “Jeff” you will likely find a link to our favorite ebay seller who has them for about half what you would pay in most stores. even if you pay retail price they are a great deal because they last forever and they are sooooooooo nice to work with.

my other favorite is the Denise interchangeable set because their cord is nice and supple too. no coiling. you get use to the coiling though so don’t get too frustrated if you don’t want to invest in new ones yet! :thumbsup:

Addis, Addis, Addis!!

WOW! Thanks, Brendajos! :smiley: good information

So, I’m guessing you like Addis? :thinking:


OASN: I also love my Addi’s… :blush: :lol: They are by FAR my very favorite needle to use… :heart:

So, I’m guessing you like Addis? :thinking:


:thinking: Sorta.