Circular Needles - Help

Hi: I just joined the forum and have also been researching needles. Hopefully someone can answer my question, can I use circular needs for flat knitting - not knitting in the round. I am more comfortable with circular needs and didn’t know if using circular needs for all sweaters with patterns or without, will stretch out the yarn. As long as I use the right length - will I have a problem. Thanks for the advice.

You can use circulars for flat and knitting in the round.

And yes, if you use the right length for in the round projects it won’t stretch out the yarn.

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You can use circulars needles for all your knitting. I don’t have any straight needles in my possession except dp and those I use to wear in my hair.:cheering:

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I haven’t used straight needles since I bought my first interchangeable set of circulars. You indeed can use circulars as flat needles, just don’t join in the round - when you get to the end of the row flop the project around just like you would with straight needles.
Personally I think the shorter needles are so much easier to hold onto. I am actually debating putting my entire collection of straights on e-bay.

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