Circular needles for magic loop

Could some of the knitters here tell me which needle they prefer for using the magic loop? My needles are ChiaoGoo and I really like the bamboo but the cable is very annoying. I believe there are some better ones out there for Magic Loop knitting. If you could name a few, I would appreciate it.

What don’t you like about your cables? I’m happy with my Knitter’s Pride cables and tips.

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Hi Pauline,
We sell a wide range of kits here in our KnittingHelp shop. I compare the cables of the kits whenever there is a new set on the market, because I’m always interested to see how sets will work for Magic Loop knitters, and I often pull them out to evaluate them side by side, bending the cables to see which bend the most easily. I’m doing it again as you bring up this question.

Squeezing a cable to get it out from between the two stitches is always going to be a bit annoying, because all cables will all have a degree of resistance to this, which is a good thing in terms of holding the knitting in a good position relative to the needle shaft. So the cable needs to be pinched to the point of kinking it a bit, to get it to pull out from the knitting. This is unavoidable in the kits I’ve seen.

Here’s what I know about cable flexibility…

Stiffer than your clear ChiaoGoo cables would be the red cables in some other ChaoGoo sets, the extremely stiff Boye Needlemaster cables (we don’t sell this kit, although even this one has its strengths), and the (not stiff, really, but overly thick for ML) Denise cables. And actually even the new, bright colored Knitter’s Pride Cables are a bit stiffer than your clear ChiaoGoo cables, although I’d be surprised if even these were written off by ML knitters, because they seem to me within the range of reasonable flexibility for ML.

Less stiff (so most appealing for ML) would be: the old Knitter’s Pride black cables (which we still sell, by the way, and can be used with any of their kits). I’d expect these to be the most popular among ML knitters. Some of the HiyaHiya cables are less stiff, particularly the sock set cable, and the standard small set. (Note: Their Large set, which has bulky needles, has a thicker cable. Same blue color as the small set’s cable, but noticeably stiffer.) Hiya Hiya does sell a bamboo kit, which we have just started to carry–I don’t think it’s even listed yet! Give @sheldon a nudge if you are interested in something you don’t see in our store yet. Hiya Hiya’s manufacturing quality is quite high, as is the ChiaoGoo. The Knitter’s Pride sets are well loved, but are undeniably fiddly in their cable threading quality. We replace cables for free when they fail, if people buy through us.

I’m not a Magic Loop knitter myself–I do know the technique, and even teach it, but I personally only use it occasionally, when I don’t have my DPNs handy! If you have further opinions about the matter, I’m completely open and interested to hearing them. If you have further questions, I’m open as well!

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Hi. I’m just learning circular knitting and have started first with magic loop. I bought the Hiya Hiya and find the cables very flexible and easy… it does take a little time for them to loosen it off the curled shape from being in the little plastic pouches but I know there are easy ways to take care of that. Luke warm water. Good luck, to us both!

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Thanks to both of you for your replies. After looking in my knitting needles kit I see that another cable that is thinner and a bit more flexible is the Takumi Clover. But I did find one very small Hiya Hiya and yes, it does seem to be even thinner and more flexible than even the Clover. The Clover cable is attached in a way that might be a problem and come loose.

I was knitting once and pulling my stitches onto the needle and the cable came loose from the needle! Fortunately, it had a metal tip where I could just put some crazy glue in the hole and re-attach it. I think the Hiya Hiya is going to be my choice.

I have some soft Denise needles but they are so thick! I like them for knitting with a bulkier yarn.
I will pay a visit to your shop, Amy.

Unfortunately the Clover needles that you buy singly in stores like Michael’s tend to have stiff cables and I also don’t like Denise for magic loop. (I haven’t used the Denise for anything for years as I don’t like the thick cables). I use Knitpicks Options or Knitter’s Pride needles 99.9% of the time. I haven’t used Chiagoo myself so can’t say, but I have heard they are good needles/cables. When you knit magic loop sometimes the cables just become twisted. Make sure when you start knitting that the cable is not overly twisted. I sometimes have to gently adjust the loop by twisting the needle and that always fixes it. Just be careful you aren’t loosening the needle from the cable though.

Now as for pulling the cable from the metal connector…sometimes that can happen. I’ve had it happen only twice in the 12 yrs I’ve been knitting. Be careful how you’re tightening the needles when you attach them. Make sure to hold the metal connector NOT the cable and when you’re sliding stitches try not to twist the cable at the metal connector.

Thanks, Jan.
I like Denise needles for hats and things that use bulkier yarns. Making a sock is the first time I have used a smaller yarn and it’s kinda awkward for me. But I am getting a good toe going now and we’ll see if I can keep it up for the heel, etc… I watch Liat Gat’s video and I’m using her pattern.

GG, My cables are too stiff and they tend to always be in the way when I am working on my sock. I was hoping I could find a more flexible one for Magic Loop knitting. I want to try Knitters Pride next time I order needles.

While we are on the subject, do I really need a 40 inch cable for knitting socks ML? Seems like I could do it with a shorter cable and it might help without so much cable getting in the way.

I have 2 sets of Hiya Hiya and happily use them for ML

I’ve used 32" for socks.

Thanks. I’m getting a set of Hiya Hiya’s this week. Also, I think I’ll try a 32 " cable next time, too. Maybe less cable getting in the way. :slightly_smiling_face:

I absolutely love the Addi Turbos. Actually all Addi needles I have used are great. The cable is thin and flexible. I don’t like interchangeable needles so much. But I understand some of them do well. The Addi is expensive but I watch for sales. This is one knitter’s opinion. Enjoy your craft.

The Addi Turbos looked so good I just ordered a pair of circulars Thank you for the info.

You are welcome. They are SO worth the costs in ease of use and satisfaction. Let me know when you get to knit with one. I hope you love them as much as I do.

Now see…I’m one of the few who doesn’t care for Addi Turbo. I don’t hate them, just don’t find them all that. I hope you like it though Pauline!