Circular Needles for blankets?

Hi, folks.
I’m new to the board and enjoy knitting as a hobby along with printmaking, reading, and lots of other craftiness. So far, my knitting adventures have not taken me beyond scarves and hats, but I’m starting to think about some larger and more complicated projects. I’ve been using ‘Stitch and Bitch’ to learn the ropes.

Anyhow, I’ve been looking at a few patterns for baby blankets, and they all call for circular needles. I’ve tried to puzzle this out - when I use circular needles, I knit in a spiral and it creates a tube shape. I can’t quite figure out how one would knit a flat blanket on circular needles and not have it turn into a tube… Does anyone have a few minutes to enlighten this beginner?

Thanks, and happy holidays/happy knitting to all!

  • Lauren


When you use a circular needle to knit flat, it’s only to accommodate all the stitches for the blanket. You treat the needles as if they are separate. Knit from one to another, turn your work and knit again. Once you do it you see how simple it is.