Circular needles- do i need one or two?

Hello knitters.

I’m dying to make a curly whirlie scarf, any patterns that are around will do but firts i need to know actually how to knit it.

As there are lots of increases i am aware that i will need needles that are plenty long enough, therefore do i use one circular needle and just not join the work or do i use 2 circular needles and pretend that each one is just a really long normal needle?

I’ll probbaly do a pattern along the lines of CO 120, knit a row, increase every stitch to make 240, knit a row, increase to 480, knit, increase to 960, knit, knit, CO

I haven’t chosen any yarn yet for this, so the size of needles would depend.

Typically, if you are using cirular needles to knit a “flat piece” you only need 1 circular needle. When you finish one row you turn the work and start knitting again (like you would flip straight needles). I put my row counter in there as a reminder not to join the rows. Since you’ll have so many stithces you’ll need a long needle but a lot of that depends on the guauge of the yarn you’ll be using. The longest I know of is 60".

Hope this helps!

Wowzers! That’s a lot of stitches to cast off! :shock: Does the pattern specify what length of needle it recommends?? I have a 60" circular and it’s so long but it might be what you need for this project.

These are the instructions i am hoping to folow, taken from ‘The Yarn Virgin’s’ blog, a link from the curly whurlie website.

1 skein of Patons Divine in Icicle White, part of a skein of this no-name chenille stuff from abroad that I was given- white/khaki/light brown mix / 72" x 5" curly diameter (quite large!) / size 11 needles / Xmas gift for mom
Mohair blended stuff is a pain to work with, I’ve figured out. But I fought with this and it’s so pretty now. You don’t see the curliness until you bind off, and it was hard to wait that long! I also didn’t know how long it would get in the end, and probably casted on 20 extra stitches (which means an extra 1000 stitches that I did in total!), but I guess a too-long scarf is better than a too-short one. I really like the contrasting colour edges, it really makes the curl stand out. I cast on 120, knit, increased to 240, knit, increased to 480, knit, knit, increased to 960, knit, knit, bound off. Don’t know how long this took, but would have been faster with easier yarns! I’m guessing it took me at least 13 hours.

I hope that that helps decide how long the cable of the circular needle needs to be

I do have one circular needle, do you think this will do?
5mm, 30", or do you think the scarf may be too short if i try and squish it onto this?

Well, I found a site that lists the Patons Divine in Icicle White as having a guage of 12 stitches per 4 inches on US 10 needles. So, for 960 stitches you’d need the longest US 11 circular needle you could find.

I don’t think you could squish nearly that many stitches onto a 30" circular. I agree, with 1000 stitches you will need to longest circular you can find.

I’d be using my Denise’s for that and adding in cords as I go! :thumbsup:

I just did a little experiment. I took some chunky yarn and cast onto a 20" circular needle and squished them as tight as I could. I only got just over 200 stitches on, and I don’t know if it would even be comfortable to knit them squished that tight together.

goodness me, i am getting in such a muddle- i need to find the right yarn, the right needles and make sure i can knit it by the 28th and that it be long enough, about 55inches.

thanks for all your knitting needles help.
I’m looking now to buy 80cm or longer in about a 6.5mm-7mm.
hmm, just gots to choose a yarn now

Depending on where you are, 60 or 80 cm may be the longest needle you can get. I would suggest buying two of them. You can always use them again later for an afghan or other project that requires bulky yarn. I actually use my 6.5 mm’s a lot for felting projects with WW.

I’ve made a curly scarf and managed to get it on one needle. I don’t think squishing it changed the length of the scarf, the stitch sizes are usually made with the yarn, the needle size, and the tension. I’m not exactly sure how long my needle was but it wasn’t near the longest. And I think you should only get one. You only need one and it will need to be able to hold all the stitches. The length of your scarf is determined by the cast on stitches.

If you find that you can’t fit the stitches on one needle, or you can’t find long enough ones, you can use two circs. I’ve done this and just put rubber bands on the ends and use them like to looooong straights.