Circular needles broken

I just bought 30mm circular knitting needles online and was nearly done my second row when I noticed the cord was breaking. I emailed the company and they are sending me a new pair however it’s going to take a while for it to come in so I’m stuck using the broken ones. I tired using tape but the cord ended up completely snapping and the tape broke off. Does anyone know of a way to fix it? Thanks

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Did the needles break at the needle/cord join? I use superglue or WD-40 for anything that’s either too loose or too tight respectively, in this case superglue. What brand of needles did you buy?


What brand are they? Where are they broken? Did the cord actually snap or just pull out of the metal connector?

WD-40? That’s a lubricant for squeaky doors isn’t it? lol

My husband used a drop of hot glue once when a connector when a needle pulled out of a connector. Gotta be careful and fast when you do that, but it was permanently fixed. Super glue may do the same thing.

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My motto, much to my husband’s dismay is, "If it’s too loose, superglue. If it’s too tight, WD-40."
90% of problems solved.

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That’s true, but I was having trouble figuring out how or why you’d use WD-40 on a broken knitting needle. :joy: In a reread of your comment…I get it. :wink:

I learned you only need 2 items to fix anything: duct tape and WD40. If it moves and shouldn’t, use duct tape. If it doesn’t move and should, use WD40.

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Well, I just experienced my first broken circular! I have 2 size 9 needles each 40" long piggy-backed trying to get this massive mitered square done. 58 rows in I got 1/2-way through the row and was changing over to the other needle when the cord snapped at the very end of the needle. These are fixed circulars and I have no idea how to repair it. I have placed all the loose stitches on scrap yarn until I can replace the needle.

How can you piggy back fixed circulars? Do you mean you are knitting with two sets of fixed circular needles? Anyway… That can happen for various reasons unfortunately. Fortunately it doesn’t happen often.

Whether it’s fixable depends on how it is broken. Is the cord actually broken or did it pull out of the metal connector? If it’s broken I would contact the company and see if they will replace it. If they won’t replace it you may have to order a new one. If it’s pulled out you may be able to use super glue to fix it. No guarantees though.

It is actually broken. I’ll be contacting the company Monday morning about it.

The way I have this block set up is 1/2 the stitches are on one needle and the other 1/2 are on the other needle. I think I bit off more than I could chew with this afghan. This particular block started with 421 stitches. It’s a mitered square so it reduces 2 stitches every 2 rows and I’ve knitted 56 rows of it. But that’s still too many stitches to fit one one 40" circular.

I think they have circulars up to 60", but that may be dependent on brand.

Well, I went with the best I could get in my town (since my LYS closed down). I got a set of interchangeable needles at hobby lobby–they don’t carry size 9 fixed circulars. The set isn’t as expensive as some sets I’ve seen, but I’ll try them out and see how they work.

I have to say that acrylic needles take some getting used to. But I have made a lot of progress on the afghan. At the rate I’m going, it will be finished sometime this summer. Hmmmm, summer in Texas. Not the best time to finish this project.

Sounds like you got a set of Denise interchangeables. I have Knitters Pride interchangeables.

I am making an afghan myself right now but not so brave to knit it all at one time, my pattern is made in 12" blocks, sewn together at the end, it is the Great American Aran Afghan. Had an operation 4 weeks ago and finally feeling like myself more or less. Guess Gallbladder surgery isn’t so easy to get over when one is 64.

But I’ve seen that many aran patterns can be made in strips and then you graft the new section on to the old one and you really can’t see the seam. After I finish this afghan on the needles, may tackle something with less sewing as I am not fond of sewing squares together but it is a very pretty afghan indeed.

What pattern are you making?

Hi girls; I am not sure if this will work, but when the guys at the garage connect wires together, they use something that looks like a tiny piece of rubber tubing. They fit it over one of the wires before connecting the two wires together. The tubing is then slid over the spot where the wires were twisted together and the tubing is heated to seal the edges. If you know a mechanic, you might be able to fix your circulars using this method. Good luck to everyone.

I kind of made up the pattern. It is mitered squares based on the Fibonacci sequence. So each square is larger than the last one. I finally have enough of it knitted to where each half of the row fits on a 40" circular. Where they meet is almost like DPNs.

After my sister’s cat chewed on the remaining fixed circular, I had to go buy another set of interchangeable needles so I could continue. I don’t like changing needles mid-way through a project, but I didn’t have much of a choice if I wanted to keep going.

We love our pets and for the occasional damage they do, we hang in there as they love us even when they can’t seem to help themselves.

So glad you figured out how to keep going. When you get done, would you post a picture? I also love math and the Fibonacci sequence reappears in so much of how all life is designed from plants to birds to even ourselves. It is the special ratios which speak to us in unseen ways. Wow, good using your head. The universe and all that is in it, moves like clockwork, laws which we can discover, are as scientists have said, “thinking God’s thoughts after Him.”

Your doing something special indeed.

What is odd that those who knit, crochet, design… are often looked at by those who don’t know how, that we are simple minded. Quite the contrary. It looks easy when one does it well. Life is short, I don’t want to waste it and making beautiful and useful things for others isn’t wasting my time. And also, for those in my sphere of influence, that I may let them know that someone poured some caring on them, is a daily goal for me.


I will certainly post a photo. It’s nice to meet someone who can appreciate my nerdy knitting.

Deleted the image, don’t know why it was posted.

Um, did you mean to post this picture?